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UML Doclet

UML class figure HTML generator

[Japanese version available]

This documentation generator utilizes javadoc to create HTML files including UML class figure HTML files from java files.


  • a pivot class/interface on center of page
  • supers are left, subs are right, a outer is up, inners are down
  • standard javadoc type HTML and UML HTML can be mutual link
  • descriptions based on UML class figure
    accessibility +:public, #:protected, -:private, default is space
    tags {name:value}
    stereotypes <<value>> tags named stereotype is special
    a relieved in white arrow represent generalzation, line with a description represent a inner/outer



example of javax.swing.JButton document by UMLDoclet


After installation, you can invoke javadoc;

    C:\> javadoc -doclet -private *.java     # from *.java files

    C:\> javadoc -doclet -private java.awt   # from package name


This tool is reported to work on Windows98. But any platform on which javadoc works, should be OK.

This is Free software, provided AS IS, with NO WARRANTY. Bug reports, comments are welcome.


"Java" is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All contents Copyright(C) 1999 Eiwa System Management, Inc. All rights reserved.