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Platform Independent C++ Multi-Thread Library.

thread jack

Platform independent C++ Multi-Thread Library.

[Japanese version available]

What's ThreadJack ?

ThreadJack supports JavaTM-like multi-thread programming model with platform independent C++ class library. The features are;
  • Easy multi-threading with ANSI/ISO standard C++ language
  • Compact template-based class library
  • JavaTM-like syntax and semantics(Object, Thread classe?Csynchronized keyword)
  • JavaTM-like event handling mechanism
  • No need for training for JavaTMprogrammers
  • Efficient(not java emulation). Directly uses native-thread(p-thread, UI thread, win32 thread)
  • purify'd !
  • Can work with ANSI/ISO standard C++ library(including STL)
  • Muti platform support
  • Full source code available
  • Royalty-free for non-commercial or evaluation use

Class Diagram

Function Comparison

Comparison among JavaTM,ThreadJack, and native thread libraries. Table(partial)

Sample Code Fragments

A simple ThreadJack's sample code fragment.
It creates a thread which prints "Hello ThreadJack".
#include <iostream>
#include <threadjack.h>

class TestThread : public TJThread {
    virtual void run(){
        cout << "Hello ThreadJack." << endl;

int main() {
    TestThread* t = new TestThread();

    return 0;

And other samples.


For documents(Japanese), class reference(Japanese) click the followings. For the source code, please agree with the license.
Reference html online doc++/HIER.html
html .zip download 68KB
pdf download 146KB tj1.0-ref.pdf
detailed class diagrams pdf download 21KB tj1.0-classes.pdf
source code Royalty-free License Agreement For
ThreadJack Software 


Supported Platform List
Platform Architecture Compiler Thread Satus
Solaris2.4-2.6 sparc gcc2.8.1,egcs2.1.2 UI thread/POSIX thread supported
Linux2.0.35 i386 gcc2.8.1,egcs2.1.2 POSIX thread supported
WindowsNT4.0 i386 gcc2.8.1,egcs2.1.2 Win32 soon
Visual C++5.0 Win32 supported
i386 gcc2.8.1,egcs2.1.2 Win32 soon
Visual C++5.0 Win32 supported


Frequently Asked Questions about ThreaJack - FAQ


For more infomation, please contact;
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