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ThreadJack FAQ

What's ThreadJack ?

ThreadJack is a platform-independent C++ class library which supports JavaTM-like multi-thread programming model. 

Is ThreadJack an Open Source software ?

Not exactly. The source code is free for non-commercial or evaluation use. But for commercial use, you should be licensed. 

What's the design goal of ThreadJack?

The followings are the design goals of ThreadJack1.0.

  • Supports the Multi-thread model adopted by JavaTM's Thread class, Obejct class, and 'synchornized' keyword. And also supports other frequently used classes in multi-thread programming such as Queue, Semaphore, RWLock, and etc.
  • Provides parallel counterpart of JavaTM's Event model, Observer/Observable model in C++.
  • Provides support for C++-proper problems such as memory allocation with the model.
  • Utilizes C++-proper features such as templates, mutiple inheritance, standard library(including STL), and const keyword with the model.
  • Has an architecture which makes it easy to port this library to any platforms. Expected platforms are unix international thread, p-thread, Win32 thread and vxworks' task.
  • Efficiency. Accesses directly to native thread libraries.

What platforms are supported ?

See here

What's the ThreadJack's roadmap ?

  • 1999 spring - version 1.0 release
  • 1999 summer - Win32 thread support
  • 1999 winter - IO package including TCP/IP

How are errors and exceptions handled in ThreadJack?

ThreadJack itself doesn't throw exceptions, but throws exceptions such as bad_alloc which standard libraries throw. You may want to use compiler's exception handling options to control this behavior.

Give me some example code fragments!

See here

How can I use ThreadJack for my commercial development ?

You should make a commercial license agreement with "Eiwa System Management, Inc." to use in a commercial development. No paper, CD-ROM or floppy media is delivered. Only materials from the web site is available. Please ask for more information. 

How much is ThreadJack ?

It is free for non-commercial or evaluation use. For commercial use, you should be licensed. The license fee is 198,000 yen(Japan Currency) for one project and one platform. Please contact for more information. 

All contents Copyright(C) 1999 Eiwa System Management, Inc. All rights reserved.